Successful Installation at The Dunkirk

Brewfitt has recently completed another successful installation of its Future of Dispense system at The Dunkirk Pub in Denby Dale.

Brewfitt was appointed to manage a complete install during a full refurbishment of the pub, this included supplying the Future of Dispense system and all cellar work including cask racks and stillage’s, a number of stylish chrome Cobra fonts, hand pulls and cask equipment. Moving forward, Brewfitt will also be responsible for servicing and maintaining all aspects of the system and equipment.

Future of Dispense not only guarantees brand quality and optimum temperatures, it also provides huge savings in wastage and energy, guaranteeing a better customer experience and retaining customer and brand loyalty for the brewer or pub operator.  

No link lines, standard coils, PODS or shelf coolers are required with Future of Dispense which means less beer is wasted and is cooled at the point of dispense, delivering the perfect pint every time.

Following the management takeover and installation, The Dunkirk pub is now selling a range of beer brands including Birra Moretti, Carlsberg and a selection of local names such as Ilkley Brewery, Symonds and Saltaire Brewery, food is also be available daily.

Curtis Paxman, Managing Director at Brewfitt commented: We are pleased to have completed another successful local installation providing our customers freedom of choice and unbeatable quality. We expect that the FOD system will save the pub in the region of 500 to 600 pints per year on the reduction of volume in the system on line cleaning compared to a normal system, there will also be energy benefits of up to 40% savings. There will be additional savings in over pour, improved quality dispense and generally colder beer.”

One of the major benefits of FOD is that it allows the pub not to be tied to a brewer, thus giving them the freedom of choice in terms of brands served therefore giving them a unique position to find the best deals on beer. The Dunkirk can also expect to see less service call outs following the successful install.

Future of Dispense is an advanced dispense system which delivers maximum efficiency in a minimum space. It is the most up to date and revolutionary dispense system that is focussed on providing quality draught drinks and providing substantial savings in electricity consumption and beer wastage. Retailers could save £3-5k per pub, per year, and ROI could be as short as 3-12 months.

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