Serve your customers quality beer, every time, with Future of Dispense

With the industry focusing heavily on innovation and providing customers and consumers with forward thinking products and services, it is a vital challenge for dispense solution providers such as Brewfitt Limited to help improve the overall customer experience.

Research highlights the importance of pubs and brands delivering premium and quality beer to its customers consistently - this is where the Future of Dispense should be considered. 

Future of Dispense is an advanced dispense system which delivers maximum efficiency in a minimum space. It guarantees brand quality, optimum temperatures as well as providing huge savings in wastage and energy, guaranteeing a better customer experience and retaining customer and brand loyalty for the brewer or pub operator.  

The unique cellar management system can save the average pub and restaurant thousands of pounds per year. No link lines, standard coils, PODS or shelf coolers are required with Future of Dispense which means less beer is wasted and is cooled at the point of dispense, delivering the perfect pint every time.

Future of Dispense has already been installed in 100’s of venues throughout the UK and is set to save the UK hospitality industry millions of pounds every year. Customers include Martons Pitcher & Piano, The Recent Albert Schloss in Manchester, Pax Burger, The Woodman Inn, AB InBev and Okells Brewery. No cellar cooling is required, making the system perfect when considering new venues.

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